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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup...


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If you’re interested in either of the glowgasm palettes, I highly recommend checking them out in person or waiting for more reviews. My first impression of the lighter palette is that it’s just too light. For reference, I’m an NC20, Armani #4 . The bronzer is so hard pressed that it takes many, many layers to build up any color on the face. The highlighter (upper left) is almost identical to the film star bronze and glow. The two colors on the right give a really nice duochrome color when layered together on the face but, again, it’s all glow and little pigment. By the time you build it up enough to get any payoff it’s so much glow that it emphasizes texture.

I’m trying the darker palette tomorrow. Since those colors are darker and deeper, I’m hopeful there will be more color payoff.
Quick update....wore the darker palette today and it’s definitely more pigmented and blends very nicely on the face. I had the same issue with the bronzer as it required some building up. I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this. I need to try it out for a few more days. Overall, I don’t think I could recommend either....especially at that price tag.


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The shade range is a vast improvement compared to the other CT foundations (especially Magic Foundation). That said, I cannot tell much difference between 12.5, 13, and 14 Neutral (aside from 14 being slightly richer?), and it could probably do with a few more darker shades (unless they weren't swatched).


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The foundation is being released on the CT website this week. Is anyone getting it?
I'm going to check it out when it's released at Nordstrom on the 29th. I got a sample card and, although I don't usually care for full coverage or matte, the finish was beautiful. It erased all of my pores and felt really light weight.


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I’m curious about it too. At first it didn’t seem like it was for me (matte, full coverage), but I’ve seen early reviews from a couple people who have similar preferences to mine and they have raved about it. I ordered it yesterday with an early access link.