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What are you planning to pick up?
Ok so I got the Misunderstood palette, Ursula face/lip set, and the Cruella highlighter.

I haven't checked on my Ursula one, however I noticed today that my Cruella highlighter has become.. squishy? like.. I opened it, and it looked swollen like before a pressed eyeshadow works itself out of the pan. I used my thumb to kind of pat it down and it smooshed under my thumb! There is a true thumbprint left behind. A small brush swiped in a circular motion left "tracks", if you will. I never found the colour pickup to be that good, and that has not changed. It definitely looks like its absorbed some moisture, yet the place I was storing it was cool & dry.

Anyone else?


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Thought I’d post my collection of CP pressed shadows. Bought two huge empty palettes from JD Glow Cosmetics and use one for the regular sized CP shadows and the other for all the palettes. I own every CP palette that’s been released and they all fit into one JD Glow palette with room to spare.

One JD Glow palette will hold at least 247 palette sized CP pans (0.04 oz) or at least 176 regular sized CP pans (0.05 oz). I also have a few Devinah and Looxi shadows in the mix along with a few highlighters from Vanessa’s Vanity and Juvia’s Place shadows on the bottom row.

I may get a third JD Glow palette to hold blush and highlighter. One palette should hold at least 40 CP blush or highlighter pans (.25 oz).

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Is there ANY WAY to purchase one of these at current time? Like... I can so see myself being "whatchoo mean too much?! I've only got 1 palette!"
I need.


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CP is really sucking me in lately. I got 2 of the So Juicy Plumping glosses recently and love them, so of course I want more of those. Still want the Uh huh Honey palette and hoping it comes back in stock. Now I want this Sol shimmering body oil, maybe in platinum, and some of the CP x Halo Top coming out tomorrow :shakehead: