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Dior Cosmetics Discussion


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I ordered new highlighter palette from sephora. also nordies has 15% off so i got glow foundation


Today I was playing with the Luminizers (all six of them), because apparently the stars aligned and local sephora has finally ordered them all. Yet all of them... I prefer both luminizer / blush (whatever) backstage palettes for it.

Strobe White is prettier than Luminizer 006. Like, MUCH prettier. Strobe White looks like fairy dust while 006 looks like glorified chalk.
Strobe Gold is the "same" shade as Luminizer 003, I struggled to see a difference even if Sephora lights are notoriously crappy for marketing purposes. I am embarassed because I wanted Luminizer 003 for so long and my country refused to receive it, but apparently I already had it just in another "name".

Obviously both blushes have no colour comparison but I wonder if with a soft hand and well blended. won't they look similar? They're also very pretty (they would do great eyeshadow as well). I also still have the Glowing Garden versions which are pretty much the same as 001 and 002.

All I'm really missing is 004 and 005. I have not tested the second palette (glitz) yet. Somehow I'm feeling I'll find at least another great match.

ETA: Also, the new brushes with the white bristles seem to have been total fail. They were all on Sephora's clearance bin (aka high chance of discontinued). yet it's only been one yer since they were released.
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Dior is teasing some new line on their Instagram "Dior Rouge Ultra Care". I was browsing and happened to see them here already, it's a lipstick and a liquid lipstick version. I wonder if the lipstick will be like the new Chanel Rouge Coco Flash?

(btw that's a link to a webshop where I saw it, please delete if this isn't allowed, I'm not sure!)


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it maybe sounds like the revamp of that dior lip line that was also a lipbalm/lipstick forgot the name
i mean who can keep up? they have 544251218 new lip lines every year